Corn Hole

Discover How To Play Corn Hole In Middletown, NY

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Challenge Your Friend Group to Cornhole

Looking for a spot to play some local cornhole in Middletown, NY?

Cornhole is a game often associated with tailgating parties and backyard barbecues. We brought it to our bar.

You can come to The Zone @ Clemson for local corn hole fun. See if you can best your friends in tossing the beanbags into the hole. You can even make it a competition – loser buys the beer.

Let your competitive nature out

You can sign up for a cornhole league to take your game to the next level. Local cornhole leagues typically host tournaments and challenges so people can show off their corn hole skills. Cornhole leagues meet on Wednesday. Check it out if you’re interested in playing more cornhole and meeting people who share your interests.

Call now to learn about joining a cornhole league in Middletown, NY.

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