Axe Throwing

Discover How To Play Axe Throwing In Middletown, NY

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Get a Handle on a New Talent

Hone your axe throwing skills in Middletown, NY

Axe throwing is swiftly becoming one of the most popular new hobbies in the country

The Zone @ Clemson gives you a chance to toss an axe and see how accurate your aim is. We recommend making a reservation so you can be sure
there’s a spot for you when you arrive.

  • Great exercise for your core and shoulders
  • A cool way to meet new people
  • Excellent stress relief

Call now to ask about the axe throwing we offer in Middletown, NY.

***“Axe Throwing: $30/person.

Learn to toss an axe with the best of them

Practice safe axe throwing in a known environment. You don’t have to go to some fancy range where you feel uncomfortable as a beginner. We’ve provided you with a fun, welcoming space to learn how to properly throw an axe. Remember- you’re here to have fun. And practice makes perfect.

Contact us today to discuss our safe axe throwing opportunities in Middletown, NY.

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